Tinder pricing breakdown: Is Gold and Premium worth it?

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While Tinder is a popular dating app, Tinder pricing can be confusing. If you want to get a better idea of what Tinder pricing you’ll have to pay for premium features, take a look at our cost breakdown below.

Tinder Pricing Ranking Table

There are currently three different Tinder pricing tiers: Platinum, Gold and Plus. Below, you can see how Tinder prices differ by service level and how long you sign up for.

Tinder Platinum

DurationCosts per MonthTotal
1 Month A$27.17 / Month A$27.17
6 Months A$15.84 / Month A$95.07
12 Months A$11.33 / Month A$135.91

Tinder Gold

DurationCosts per MonthTotal
1 Month A$14.21 / Month A$14.21
3 Months A$17.68 / Month A$53.04
12 Months A$6.64 / Month A$79.67

Tinder Plus

Duration Costs per Month Total
1 Month A$9.47 / Month A$9.47
3 Months A$4.74 / Month A$28.45
12 Months A$3.64 / Month A$43.62

Tinder Gold is a new upgrade, available to Tinder users. At its most basic, paying the Tinder Gold price allows you to look through the profile pages of other users, who have already ‘liked’ yours. These users are in your area, so there’s much more scope for dating.

For users, the Gold upgrade is a good one. While it might have kicked off as a dating app, Tinder is mainly used by those looking for hookups. There are some users on the lookout for relationships, but the majority are looking for something fun and commitment-free.

Tinder Gold adds another layer to that level of instant gratification. By being able to see who, from your area, has liked you, the odds of the date going in the right direction are much more in your favour.

However, Tinder Gold comes at more than the regular monthly Tinder pricing fees. If you’re unsure as to whether it’s for you, and how much is Tinder Gold, we’ve put together some information that should give you an answer to the question ‘is Tinder Gold worth it?’.

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Tinder pricing premium benefits

Although it only came out a few years ago, Tinder Gold has attracted millions of users. It was preceded by Tinder Plus and if we’re going to see if the Tinder cost Australian users will have to pay for Gold membership, then that’s where we have to start.

Tinder is a free service, but Tinder Plus requires a subscription. With the basic app, you are restricted to a set number of profiles you can look at, in a day. When you pay the Tinder pricing for Tinder Plus, you can use unlimited swipes in your quest for a date.

However, it’s not just about having more swipes than you know what to do with. When you use Tinder Plus, you also get the chance to use a ‘superlike’, which is the best way to get someone’s attention.

When you use the superlike function, your profile is highlighted with a blue border and a star, letting the other user know that you don’t just like them, you superlike them! While users of regular Tinder can send one of these a day, Tinder Plus lets you send up to five once you pay the Tinder pricing.

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On top of that, there’s the Tinder Boost function. This can be used to your advantage, by getting your profile in front of more users, for half an hour. Tinder reckons this can increase the success rate chances of finding a match by up to ten times more than basic Tinder.

Tinder pricing for the Plus tier also gives you the option to ‘rewind’ swipes, in case you’ve made a mistake or want to reconsider your choice. In addition, you get access to a Tinder Passport, which allows you to swipe on users from anywhere in the world, not just your locality.

Where Tinder Gold has the edge is in being able to see who likes you. Using this function, gives you the upper hand in the dating game. Scroll through the list of people who’ve already expressed an interest in you, like them back and see what happens.

If you’re considering Tinder pricing options, but want to know about the price for Tinder Gold, then take a look at the table. While the price is a bit of a leap from the usual Tinder monthly fee, you do get an awful lot more for your money.

However, there are ways to save on spending. While there’s no Tinder Gold trial option, it is possible to use it for nothing. Subscribe to Tinder Plus and, the next day, upgrade your membership to Tinder Gold status.

Wait until the monthly cycle is about to finish and then cancel your Gold membership. This way, you’ve used the service for a month, for nothing and, if you want, you can reinstall it in the same way.

While Tinder hacks like these might seem a good idea, they do rely on you having a good memory. It can be better to pay whatever the Tinder pricing is for you and enjoy the service for as long as you want to, without having to install and uninstall things.

Cancelling your subscription is easy and can be done through the Subscriptions link on your iTunes or Apple Store account.

However, there is some confusion around the Tinder Gold price, leaving some people wondering why does the Tinder price vary. In Australia, the Tinder monthly fee is very reasonable, as long as you’re a teenager or in your twenties.

Once you turn 28, the Tinder price difference was set to almost quadruple. The company said that this was because younger users had limited funds, while older ones enjoyed greater disposable income.

Tinder was taken to court on the basis of age discrimination and eventually settled out of court. The Tinder price based on age policy was overturned and now the price for Tinder Plus and the price for Tinder Gold are the same for users of all ages.

Tinder pricing enhances the matching experience on tinder.

Conclusion: Is Tinder Gold worth it?

In terms of getting what you want out of one of the best dating apps, the answer is yes. However, there are a few quibbles, when it comes to the little extras.

Members can use the superlike feature, up to five times a day. If you run out of likes, you can pay the Tinder sup like price and buy more. The same goes for Boost: pay the Tinder Boost price and you can buy more boosts, to increase your reach.

Some might argue that these should be included in the subscription fee, rather than costing you more once you’ve reached your maximum allowance.

Another question that’s been on the lips of regular users is ‘did Tinder price go up’? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. The Tinder price options for the Boost service have noticeably increased and not everyone’s pleased about it.

The theory is that too many people had worked out how to get matches on Tinder, using the Boost service. How does Tinder Boost work? It simply makes your profile the most noticeable in your area, generating more interest.

Many people, however, don’t have the money for regular boosts. Raising their cost, while it does lead to an overall Tinder Gold price increase, means that you don’t see the same old boosted-faces, time and time again.

So, is Tinder Gold worth it? It’s a great way of meeting and dating, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the cost, as it seems more subject to change than other sites of the same kind.

FAQ: Tinder pricing and subscriptions

With Tinder being available both in free and paid flavours, you might be wondering what the best deal is, how to cancel and if you can use Tinder Gold or the other paid levels for free at all. Find the answers below.

How much is Tinder in Australia?

Tinder pricing can change depending on your age. You can check the Tinder pricing breakdown above to get a rough idea before signing up. Generally speaking, the monthly pricing gets cheaper the longer the period you sign up for. Our Tinder pricing breakdowns can help you decide the best premium tier for you.

How to get Tinder Gold for free?

You can get Tinder Gold for free for a limited trial period if you are a new user. If you are new to Tinder, it’s worth giving any available free trial a shot to get the most out of the service. 

Just remember to cancel before the billing cycle starts (ideally the day before – to be safe) if you don’t want the extra features.

How to cancel Tinder?

How you cancel Tinder depends on whether you signed up for a paid subscription. You also need to be mindful of where you use Tinder: on the web, on an iPhone or an Android device. 

If you use Tinder Online, you need to go to the profile icon at the top, select manage account and then either disable the ‘Auto Renew’ option or click on ‘Cancel’. This will cancel your current Tinder pricing option.

On Mobile, you want to find the subscription settings for Tinder. On iPhone, you need to go to the ‘iTunes & App Store’ section of the settings to find ‘Subscriptions’ and cancel from there. For Android, you go to the Google Play Store account and then to the ‘My Subscription’ section to cancel.

What does the gold heart mean on Tinder?

The gold heart on Tinder shows that the person who has liked you has a Tinder Gold subscription. This is a way for likes from those who pay for Tinder to get differentiated from those who don’t. You need to pay for the Gold tier of Tinder pricing to benefit from the gold heart on Tinder.