AU’s Top Dating Sites for Single Men and Women over 40

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Elite Singles
If you're over 40 and looking to mingle with an elite, mature, single crowd - you're in the right place.
  • Get started at no cost
  • Browse through top quality profiles
  • Start connecting almost instantly
  • Private and secure
Dating over 40 can seem like an uphill battle. But, then again, there's Zoosk - bridging the gap between you and other mature singles looking for love.
  • No start up fees to pay
  • Browse mature singles in your area
  • Join 100s of other Aussies over 40
MatureDating has it all - fun, energetic, genuine, Aussie singles looking for friendship, love and more in an area near you.
  • Matures only
  • Meet people with interests aligned with yours
  • Over 40s near you
Love is waiting for you on LoveAgain. Join thousands of other Australians aged 40 and over on their search for true love.
  • Register free of charge
  • High chance of finding love
  • Genuine people after meaningful relationships
eHarmony is one of Australia's favourite dating sites where science meets emotion.
  • Join for free
  • Matchmaking with a proven track record of success
  • Hundreds of singles near you
Academic Singles
On Academic Singles, finding that person you truly connect with is possible. Find quality conversation, classy dates and lasting love on this dating app.
  • It's free to get started
  • Academic singles near you
  • Meet someone on your level
Be2 is bound to have you coming back for more. It's the first step that's the scariest - but on this dating app, you'll be feeling confident as a over 40 single in no time!
  • Get started cost and hassle free
  • Mature singles waiting to mingle
  • Thousands of new users joining monthly

Looking for different dating sites?

You want to get back into the dating game and see yourself confronted by a myriad of online dating services and apps. Now we know what your initial thought is: If I’d only be 10 years younger, it would be much easier to find your soulmate.

Maybe you’re even questioning the meaning of life and you wonder whether you can ever find love and happiness that stays with you for good. It might be that you simply haven’t found the right person yet, that you’ve been through a divorce, or even suffered a bereavement.

No matter the reason, the truth is, you should consider yourself a small fish in the big tank of singles on over 40 dating sites. In fact, chances are much higher now than ever before that you’re going to find a significant other.

So swallow your cynicism towards finding romance, put on some self-esteem and read on about Australia’s top rank 40+-dating-sites where the one for you is just waiting to be found.

The Most Popular Dating Apps for 40plus Singles

As one of the most popular dating services, Match functions like a Tinder for 40 plus. Its design is very modern and easy-to-use. 

You can state your interests from a choice of given options which makes the sign-up process a couple of minutes quicker than on other sites that feature a personality test. Then you also decide on what you’re looking for in a new partner or friend and you’re all set.

Apart from staying at home and dating on the mobile app, Match’s team also organizes regular events for all interested users to meet other members in a safe and fun environment. By doing that, Match helps you to break out of your usual social circle and meet other like-minded people.


With the help of a scientific method, eHarmony’s matchmaking method has been proven to work. There are plenty of success stories of couples and people who found their husband or wife on the app.

The system takes into consideration your values, beliefs, educational background and your ideal for a new partner. To determine all of these factors, you have to fill out a quite lengthy questionnaire.

Compatibility matters is one of eHarmony’s mottos. They guarantee that you’ll only get paired with members that suit your expectations and your lifestyle which takes the weight off your shoulders to sort out who you harmonize with.


Hinge calls itself a relationship app to be deleted, leaving no doubt that you can find a spouse on there.

The mobile application wants to turn away from the appearance-focused matchmaking trend of swiping and rather pairs you up with people who share your interests, hobbies and preferences.

You can contact users for free, but to see who liked you and send unlimited likes to people, you have to sign up as a preferred member. However, the costs of this service are not too high, starting from 4,99 $ per month for a 6 months subscription.


bumble logo

Bumble is considered to be one of the most innovative services on the market. Feminism has gotten its grip on the app and women text first. Hence, if you’re someone rather conservative who’s enjoying the old style courting where the man makes the first move, you have to dig a bit deeper.

Bumble is very popular among Australians and you can scroll through over 3 million users near you.

Thanks to Bumble breaking with traditional gender roles, the gender demographics are fairly equal with 45% of female users which is not the norm for many other platforms.

The matching system is very similar to Tinder. You swipe right if you feel attracted to someone, and left if you’re not convinced. Then the female part of you has got 24 hours to contact you or the match will disappear again.

Love Again

love again logo

Love Again is specifically targeting the age group 40 and above. You can find friendship, flirts and love on the app or simply chat to others.

You join by connecting your Facebook account or via email. To keep you and others safe, all new members undergo a verification process. Only Trusted Members can get in touch with you so your privacy is protected from scammers.

If you ever get into a situation where you need advice or you’re wondering what are the rules for dating over 40, you will find tips and dating-coach-quality guides on Loveagain’s blog.

Read our tips and guides for dating after 40.

How to know what’s the best dating after 40 site for you

Deciding which are the best dating sites for you comes down to what you want from your online experience. Most of you reading this will probably search to find someone to fall in love with, someone for a serious long-term relationship.

But you could have other motivations:

Are you looking for friendship or maybe you discovered your homosexuality in later years? Then you should research for LGBT-friendly sites that aren’t exclusive for heterosexual relationships.

If that question is too hard to answer, then it might be worth asking your friends. Those who know your relationship history may have a better perspective on what works for you and what doesn’t. You may even want to involve them in vetting your potential matches.

An easy way to find the best dating sites is to read impartial reviews. We’ve researched most of the better ones and our reviews will give you no-nonsense insights into what you can expect.

As a rule of thumb, the best way to find out which dating sites are for you is to join a few as a free member. While the messaging services might be limited and you may not be able to view other users’ profiles, you may have access to chatrooms and forums, where you can test the waters.

Consider how much you’re ready to pay. This will be highly dependent on your social status.
Check out the subscription fees on a variety of sites and weigh them up against what value you get for your money. Some sites offer little extras, such as real-life parties and exclusive offers.

The best dating sites are those that are transparent about what they provide. Sites that come with hidden fees in the fine print aren’t worth bothering about. Just as you would a potential partner, judge a dating site by its honesty.

Make sure your online dating service of choice has a strict policy against frauds and scammers. There should be an option to report and protect yourself from fake profiles and rip-offs.

A man on a dating site for over 40

Pros of Cons of starting to date again online for 40-somethings


  • Now that you’re in your 40s, you’ve got more life experience and a much better idea of what you do and don’t want from a relationship.
  • 40-somethings are much more willing to settle for an intimate relationship that lasts for the future than youngsters. You’ll find women looking for husbands and the other way around rather than someone who just wants casual sex.
  •  You’re far more likely to have similar interests and similar life experiences.
  • Courting is less stressful. You can concentrate on enjoying the important things in life, such as mutually stimulating chats and walks in the park.
  • While women reach their sexual peak at 40, it’s less of an urgent matter than it was in their younger days. As a result, couples in their 40s tend to favour quality over quantity when it comes to lust and sex.
  • In addition, by the time you reach the big 4 – 0, you’re less likely to limit yourself in the dating world. Most of us believed, at some point, that we had a type. With a few relationships under your belt, the likelihood is that you’re open to new ideas and can cast your net that much wider.


  • They will have a past.
  • In case there are children involved, it shouldn’t put you off; blended families are very much the norm these days and can be incredibly rewarding.
  • In the case of bereavement, you might feel that you’d be constantly living in the shadow of the partner who’s passed on. However, there’s no point in comparing yourself with your partner’s previous spouse. Ultimately, the relationship you share with someone will be different from the one they had. No better or worse, just different.
  • You may also have financial concerns. However, letting your money rule your love-life is a sure-fire way to scupper any future romance. Sometimes, you just have to roll the dice and see what happens.
  • You and the other person could have a completely different world view or lifestyle that’s fixed. It might be difficult to find common ground on some topics.
couple over 40 on a coffee date

How you make your time on a 40s-dating site a success

  • Don’t lose hope if the first few dates turn out to be a fail.
    Finding your soulmate takes willpower and optimism.
    Understand that not every match you’re paired up with is going to be right for you. To look at it another way: every match that isn’t right takes you one step closer to finding the one that is.
  • State your preferences from the outset.
    If you don’t want to date someone with a child, then don’t beat about the bush: state it on your profile page. There’s no sense in being coy about what you want from your online experience.
  • Try not to slate your ex. If you’re continuously going on about your ex-partner, this tends to communicate the idea that you haven’t fully moved on from your broken heart.
  • Think outside the box.
    Whatever you think your ‘type’ was, try and forget about it. Gender roles have changed and while it’s good to set parameters, it’s also good to be open-minded to new people and those who wouldn’t ordinarily have been on your radar.
  • Be sure that you’re ready.
    If you’ve come out of a divorce, you might feel like diving back into the pool out of some sort of sense of injustice. Dating sites are there to help you find new love, not to try and exorcise the ghosts of a previous relationship.
attractive mid-fourties woman with glasses smiles at her online date
  • Be yourself & don’t try to fake mysteriousness with a poker face.
    Of course you want to come off as cool as possible when meeting someone new, but if you act in an unnatural way, your date will find it rather irritating than attractive.
  • Profile pictures can be misleading and if you manage to bag yourself a face-to-face date, you don’t want your match to find you unrecognisable. If you have wrinkles, have put on weight, or have gone bald, embrace it. There’s someone for everyone.
  • Don’t be afraid to initiate.
    One of the great things about online dating is that you have a degree of anonymity. Many users find this quite liberating and those who might have less confidence find that they are able to initiate chats and messaging.
  • Take your time and get to know people. Online chat offers the perfect vehicle through which to get to know other users. By finding someone with similar values, life experiences and outlook on life, you’re more likely to enjoy a successful romance.
  • Look out for your mental health.
    If the dates, online or offline, become too stressful for you, take a break.
  • Put your family first.
    It’s more tricky to date if you’re a mother or father to a child. You want to make sure that your children like the person you’re meeting up with, especially after going through a divorce. As a parent, it’s always tougher to open up to someone new, but if you trust your instincts, you’ll find the right person.
business man in his 40s wants to find love online

Why Online Dating works so well for men and women in their 40s

While there is some social stigma surrounding the chances of finding love after 40, several statistics show that your 40s and above are the years to settle for a life-partner.

Through TV-Shows like Sex and the City we’ve become quite accustomed to the idea that being a single in your mid-fourties is even more fun and exciting than mingling in your 20s, even though there’s still some anxiety attached to it.

This anxiety is very redundant, though, if you think about the Generation X & Baby Boomer demography.

In reality, the forties are the years where we really know what we want. We’re more self-aware, sexually and romantically experienced and ready to find our ideal other half. Not to mention that your physical attractiveness is on its peak, no matter if you’re a man or a woman. You’ve probably heard of cougars, right?

You don’t have to major in psychology to know that 40-somethings are longing for stability and maybe even a family. You realize that the real goal in life is getting old and aging together, even more so if you’re a single-parent.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that are popular to do when you’re 40 and above. Speed dating, single events and travels for 40plus fellas.

Hitting your mid-life period doesn’t mean that your dating life is done. There are now plenty of over 40 dating apps and websites, allowing you to date people within a higher and more mature age range.

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