Australia’s Top Swingers Dating Sites

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There’s a point in almost every relationship when things become routine. Sometimes it even gets so far that lovers get bored in the bedroom. If you’re a couple that’s struggling with that, it’s probably time to get experimental. 

Why don’t you spice up your love life with other curious singles on swingers sites?

Best swinger dating sites

These are our top recommendations for meeting swingers online.

Most Popular Choice
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Get started for free
  • Thousands of Aussies looking for casual fun
  • SSL encryption for security
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Free account creation
  • Find a sexy date today
  • New users joining every hour
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Start for $0
  • Meet local people up for a good time
  • Judgement free
  • Match fast
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Free memberships available
  • No lock in contracts
  • Find a kinky Australian woman near you
Australia's top swingers dating sites
Ashley Madison
  • Best for: Singles looking for no strings attached fun
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 54 million
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Cute girls looking for regular hangouts
  • Friendly and fast local search
  • Crowded chat rooms with positive singles
  • Your perfect place to find a date
  • Safe and secure
Australia's top swingers dating sites

Meetmilfy stands out as Australia's premier dating platform, catering specifically to mature individuals seeking meaningful connections.

  • Connects mature individuals seeking genuine connections.

  • Large user base for diverse dating opportunities.

  • Advanced matching algorithms ensure compatibility.

  • User-friendly interface for effortless navigation.

  • Emphasis on privacy and safety for user peace of mind.

Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Meet open-minded people
  • Flexible payment plans for added features
  • Free registration
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Explore your wildest fantasies with Aussiebang!
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  • Easy sign up process
Australia's top swingers dating sites
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Australia's top swingers dating sites
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  • Personal Data Remains Confidential
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Best for: Finding your local flirt
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: over 1 million
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Diverse Russian & Ukrainian Women
  • 3000+ Profiles
  • Unique Matching
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • There are enough online Slavic girls to interact with on the platform.
  • The engagement is high thanks to access messaging functions.
  • Create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with like-minded singles
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Large database of verified & attractive Asian and European singles
  • Efficient communication tools for real relationships
  • Our instant messaging service brings you closer together than ever before.
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Casual sex encounter with HotUkrainians
  • Experience the thrill of online sex dating
  • Find your perfect HotUkrainians match
Australia's top swingers dating sites
  • Meet real asian, european, and latino singles
  • Real-time communication with efficient tools
  • Professional dating services

Looking for different dating sites?

Don’t fall into the trap of societal prejudices, thinking that swinging is nothing more than just an alternative lifestyle where peculiar people live out their kinks and fantasies. There are plenty of Aussies in the scene that are looking for adventurous connections in adult clubs or online.

Whether you’re a first-time-swinger in Australia looking for casual fun or you and your significant other are eager for some change between the sheets, here are the best websites to set your lust free.

Visit our tips & guide page for more insights into the swingers scene!

The most popular Dating Sites for Aussie Swingers Singles & Couples

Swingers Heaven

Swingers heaven australia logo

SwingersHeaven is truly a dream come true for everyone who wants to enjoy a little eroticism with more than just one partner.

You can find local members near you or chat with someone who simply shares the same perks as you.

The site also suggests you the best locations for dogging and other buoyant activities.

To enrichen your imagination, other users write stories where you can read all about their naughty fantasies and real-life experiences.

They put a high focus on security and value privacy. You can completely decide on your own how much and what personal information you share with the community or whether you want to stay anonymous.

Adult Match Maker

Adult match maker logo

AdultMatchMaker is for Australia’s singles & couples who are seeking something a little more explicit.

With their advanced filters you have a big choice of what you’re looking for. You can be as specific to pick from categories like Threesome, hotwife/cuckold or parties & events.

There are over 300.000 other Aussies who will be eager to get to know you. Their members vary in age and gender and you’ll also find many old swingers who love to stay young through sexual fulfillment.


Redhotpie logo

RedHotPie is an app where you can find casual hookups on the go. It is especially popular in Australia. You’ll easily find local dates since there are over 2 million registered members.

The downside to RedHotPie is that it’s quite expensive and you have to pay to enable many of the features that makes your experience on the app interesting.

There have been some reported safety issues as well as fake profiles in the past, but RedHotPie is constantly working on improving their security measures.


Adultfriendfinder logo

AdultFriendFinder is the place for every erotic fantasy there is.

From BDSM singles to couples looking for threesomes, you’ll find whoever you’re drawn to.

There are many functions that will revive your sex drive. There are chat rooms and groups to join but you can also play games with other users and watch live webcams.

If you want to enjoy a special service, you can sign up for a premium membership for little money per month. This tailored function gives you full access for users’ profiles and also removes adverts from your interactions, giving you a much smoother online experience.

Best service for partner swapping: SwapFinder

Swapfinder logo

If you ever wanted to try out what it would be like to swap partners with another couple or if it’s thrilling for you to watch your boyfriend or girlfriend getting steaming with another person, SwapFinder is the platform where you’ll find the ideal match for that.

You can choose who you’re attracted to and add your favorites to a hotlist to keep track of your new adult contacts.

Registration happens quickly as you just have to create a profile and add some attractive photos that you’re confident will make others want to engage with you.

Unfortunately, SwapFinder doesn’t have a mobile application yet, but at least you can still browse on the site with your phone on the mobile version that has all the features of the original desktop page.

Swinger fan with two blondes

What to consider when you think about joining a swinger site?

Before settling for a particular online dating service for sex parties or mature meetups, you should wrap your head around the following things.

How far are you prepared to go?

If you’re trying to find a threesome, are you happy to go along with any sexual contact with someone of the any sex or gender? Or are you explicitly looking for either men or women?

For many men, the idea of sharing a bed with two women is as good as it gets. The idea to be intimate with another guy, though, couldn’t be farther from their imagination.

For many women, the notion of being in bed with more than one man can be just as erotic. But are comfortable hooking up with another woman as well?

In short, men and women who contemplate joining the swinging lifestyle might find their sexuality in question. Fragile masculinities and femininities don’t have a place in polyamorous encounters.

Are you okay with your partner being intimate with someone else?

If you’re someone who gets jealous rather quickly, you should rethink your decision and contemplate whether you’re really fine with your partner having a naughty time with others. Jealousy can cause serious issues in a swingers relationship.

If you’re part of a couple, then you have to have these sorts of conversations, before you start trying to make your sexual fantasy reality.

If at any point, you need guidance, there are some superb couples dating sites out there, where you can get good, sound advice from other, like-minded people.

How to get started

You can start by looking for swingers’ clubs. A quick Google of ‘swingers clubs near me’ should bring you all the results you know. However, for many, the idea of bumping into someone from work or the pub is a bit too much to consider.

If a level of anonymity is important to you, then start out online with swingers sites.

However, rather than going for the first one that comes up on your search results, there are a few things that s site should have, to make it worth your while.

  • A free trial. While you probably won’t get all the features you want, a free trial will give you a good idea of the users on the site and what you can expect. If you like it, you can upgrade to a premium membership. If you don’t, move on.
  • Chat rooms. Ideally, these will be accessible to non-paying members. Chat rooms are a great way to interact with other swingers, do a little dirty talk and find out a little more about their interests.
  • Private messaging. Unless you’re throwing the doors open for a Roman-style orgy, being able to message other members privately should be one of your priorities. This way, you can arrange hookups or parties, without broadcasting all the details to everyone else.
  • Profile pages. With something as intimate as swinging, attraction is a very important part. A good profile page, with a little information about that person, will quickly let you know if they’re worth considering or not.
  • Reviews. It can be hard to find reviews of swinging sites, but word of mouth is the best form of recommendation you can get. You may have to do a bit of digging about to find them, but reviews and testimonials can be superb indicators of a site’s worth.
  • Offline Events. Of course you can meet others online to have a sexy-time virtually via webcam. But the real fun starts when you meet adult contacts online. Many services therefore inform you about or even organize sex parties or meetups of the scene near you.

One guy and two women ready to start swinging

Benefits & Issues of Swinger Dating – What’s in it for you?

…as a Couple


  • Experience pleasure with different partners without all the hurt involved in having a full-blown affair.
  • Many married swingers argue that using swingers sites provides them with a healthier marriage than for most 
  • The physical side of their relationship is never dull
  • You will learn to communicate more & your emotional understanding of each other is greater than between couples who choose to remain monogamous
  • You will discover new sides of each other
  • You’ll expand your social circle


  • Jealousy can get in the way
  • To some it’s difficult to differentiate between sex & love
  • If you’re using webcams, you have to look out for internet trolls
Australia's top swingers dating sites

… as a Single


  • You’ll meet new people
  • Make your fantasies you’ve only encountered in pornography before come true
  • Sex without commitment
  • The thrill of seducing a man or woman who’s with someone else
  • You’ll try new things and get to know yourself better
  • Swinger clubs are awesome locations with peak-holes in the walls, saunas and dark rooms


  • You have to be careful about the people you hook-up with. Always use protection or birth-control.
  • Not widely accepted in society
  • The danger of meeting someone you don’t want to meet in that context, e.g. your boss or a family member

What you can do to make your swinger experience a success

Be open for new things, but be frank about your personal limits

It takes confidence to participate in an orgy or to visit a gangbang event. You’ll see, feel and touch things beyond your wettest dreams. That can be overwhelming. Take your time to adjust and process.

Don’t shame others for their kinks or fetishes

There should be mutual respect for every party involved. Different people have different desires. You don’t have to like everything others fancy, but be tolerant and also respect if someone suddenly wants to drop out.

Consent is the Alpha and Omega of every sexual act.

We shouldn’t have to tell you, but ALWAYS without exception ask for consent. If a person feels uncomfortable and rather likes to watch than participate in group sex, leave them be. After all, voyeurism has its thrill too.

Always practice safe sex

You don’t want to cause an unwanted pregnancy or possibly catch any diseases. Using a condom will reduce the chance of infecting yourself or others by 90% and in 98% of the cases prevents pregnancies.

Put your marriage or relationship first

It can happen that your significant other suddenly realizes they’re not made for these kinds of encounters, or they aren’t comfortable with sharing their wife or husband with someone else.

If that’s the case, you should be able to communicate and find a compromise.

6 Reasons why Swinging is so popular

  1. We’re living in the modern age of polyamory. Out of sexual attraction sprout new forms of human connections, like open marriages or relationships.
  2. People are curious to explore new sexual practices and orientations.
  3. The appealing nature of it feeling like a taboo.
  4. Singles and couples want to gain experience and deepen their sexual knowledge.
  5. It’s available online and offline.
  6. The community is very inclusive: Especially people who usually suffer from social exclusion from society will find like-minded spirits on the sites.
Female swinger single in white lingerie has fun between the sheets

What Kind of Swinger Site do you want to join?

Different people have different opinions and definitions of what swinging really is. Perhaps, you don’t really know what to expect yet either.

Therefore, we explain the most common practices of that lifestyle to you.

Wife-Sharing & Partner swapping

Wife or husband swapping events tend to be between consenting couples, for whom non-monogamy is not about cheating or affairs but first and foremost about fun. Of course, this is exclusive to those who already enjoy the benefits of an intimate relationship but want to spice up their sex life.


Threesomes tend to be between married or dating couples and one extra. Most are the fulfilment of a sexual fantasy, where both parties have agreed to give it a go. 

There’s an unwritten rule for threesomes that says the third person should always be a stranger.

While some couples enjoy threesomes with a friend, others don’t want to risk destroying their friendship and most prefer to use married couples dating sites.

You’ll find many threesome sites where the ideal formula is FFM (one guy and two girls), some where the aim is MMF (one girl and two guys), as well as gay and lesbian couples dating websites.

Of course, a threesome between strangers can also be thrilling and adventurous. In that case, people often use services that are inclusive of bisexuality. 

Orgies & Parties

An orgy is what you expect it to be: a sexual free-for-all, where everyone in the room has consented to be there. However, not everyone will necessarily take part. Some swingers get their kicks from watching, rather than participating.

Orgies arranged through swingers sites should tell you any rules for the event, such as who you can touch and how to conduct yourself.

It’s also worth knowing that there are niche-specific swingers sites out there, so might find one dedicated to senior swingers or swingers from certain ethnicities or backgrounds. However, as a rule, swingers aren’t bound by age or race.

Soft Swinging

Soft swinging is a great introduction to swinging, particularly for those who don’t know how comfortable they are with the reality. Essentially, this is everything but sex, from kissing and cuddling to maybe heavy-petting or masturbation.

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