Hookup Hotspots of the World

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We may be in the middle of a global pandemic but that hasn’t stopped the world getting down, dirty and dogging. That’s right, research shows that there has been an 85% increase in people searching for hookup spots such as cruising and dogging locations due to the pent-up sexual tension and extra freetime during lockdown.

Hold up…first things first, what actually is dogging and cruising? 

What is dogging? – For those unfamiliar, dogging is when people meet up in cars, be it in a car park or elsewhere and watch each other have sex. Some may join in, others may just be lurkers, whatever gets you going. 

What is cruising? – Cruising is a phrase often used to describe the act of searching for a hookup within a designated area, there are specific “cruising spots”…but more on that later. 

Datingroo has gathered data from across the globe and discovered the country that likes getting frisky al’fresco the most.

Hookup hotspots of the world

The Top Ten Hookup Hotspots of the World

Country No. of hookup locations
2UK 4,616
4New Zealand2,317
7Germany 1,580
10Belgium 340

Spain revealed as the hookup capital of the world 

Dogging may be stereotypically more of a British fetish, however Spain completely blows the UK out of the water when it comes to outdoor hookup and cruising locations available with an impressive 15,872 sexy hot spots. Research showed that Spain’s capital, Madrid is a very popular spot with 288 outdoor sex locations however, it’s the Spanish beaches that really get people going. Hope they’ve got plenty of sun cream.

The UK comes in second place with 4,616 hookup locations. With no white sandy beaches, top locations here were car parks and off road laybys. You know, the classic romantic spots.  

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Australia and New Zealand take 3rd and 4th place. The Aussies like to get down under whilst exploring the wonders of nature, as top spots include nature reservoirs and woodland parks. The same goes for Canada, which takes 5th place as the world’s hookup hotspot with 1,746 sexy locations. 

Forget dogging, Americans are all about cruising

When we broke down the data between the different kinds of hookup spots, America stormed into the lead as the cruising capital of the world with a whopping 991 cruising locations! Horn in the USA.

HOOKUP HOTSPOTS OF THE UK: A deep dive into the UK’s naughtiest nookie spots…

Hookup hotspots of the world

We scoured the UK for the top hookup destinations including dogging and cruising locations to reveal the UK’s ultimate hookup hotspots

While outdoor sex might be illegal, writing about it (and doing some very questionable Google searches) isn’t. So buckle up, lay back and read on as we divulge all we know about the world of dark car parks and watching other people use their gearsticks. 

The Top Twenty Hookup Hotspots of the UK

UK City/Town No. of  locations
20Milton Keynes23

We guess it’s true what they say, Northerners are more fun than those down south as Manchester takes the top spot with an impressive 131  locations. The closest after that is Birmingham with 103 and in third place is Essex with 85. 

Heading back up north, in fourth place is Liverpool with 82 sexy hotspots. Whether it’s Otterspool Promenade or the car park at the Boat House Hotel, there is a place for everyone to enjoy their casual hookups. It’s not just England, the Welsh love to get frisky too as fifth place is Cardiff with 76 spots. We can only imagine how they tame their dragons.

Meanwhile in Yorkshire we discovered a very horny bunch. God’s own country is full of some very un-Christian acts, with Sheffield, Leeds and Doncaster all appearing in the top 20 cities. Stick ‘kettle on, we could be some time.

Hookup hotspots of the world

Fancy a bit of the action yourself? We strongly advise against it for legal reasons. However, asking whether someone fancies having sex in your car while other people watch is sure to break the ice on any of our recommended top dating apps or our adult sites for casual dating in Australia. 

Just make sure you put the handbrake on. 


We researched into the different casual  locations around the world by collating locations for dogging, cruising, hook-up spots and outdoor sex. 

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