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The process of dating in Judaism is meant for finding one’s partner for a lifetime, that not only lies in the nature of traditional dating itself but is also established in Jewish culture. The Talmud even forbids a man to marry a woman that he has never seen before.

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Dating and finding a soulmate (Bashert) plays an important role for Jewish singles. For the majority of Hebrew men and women in Australia the process of dating likeminded Jews is not as easy as it might seems. With many people of Jewish faith, Australia has one of the largest Jewish diaspora in the world, right after Israel.

Still, finding the love of your life in your local community can be tiresome, as most families are somehow socially connected and many potential partners know each other from childhood.

At this point, Jewish dating websites and apps come in, where you get in touch with likeminded Jews from not only your own community, but also from other districts, areas and social circles.

How to find your Bashert – Jewish Dating 101

The destination of dating in Judaism is the marriage of two individuals sharing one loving soul. To find that soulmate is not only recommended but one of the duties of a faithful Jew. As love is not something you can always plan for, a lot of people don’t rely on pure chance and get straight into Jewish online dating to find their soulmate. But why is it so essential to find your Bashert and settle down?

Be fruitful and multiply! – The first mitzvah doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. Start a family, settle and build a Jewish home. Judaism is a very family orientated system. And so, flirting and dating are often done in the search for Mr. or Mrs. right.

Why is marriage so important in Judaism? The answer lies deep in Hebrew history and culture, as it is mandatory for Jews to protect their heritage, tradition and religion. Only a fruitful marriage will guarantee the persistence of the Hebraic legacy.

Dating a Jewish person as a non-Jew

Hebrew parents, who pass their faith and values on to their children, are the most effective guarantee and protection for Judaism to persist against all obstacles.

Check out our tips & guides for dating Jewish singles

Therefore, dating is seen not as casual as it is in western cultures. We have summarized for you how to cope with that and what to keep in mind while dating a Jewish person:

  1. Be aware that dating is most likely a serious matter for your Jewish flirt. Dating a Jewish girl or guy, you can be sure that you have something worthy of their interest and that they are not playing around and wasting their time. So, if you approach too casually and lax, they might lose interest in dating you faster than non-Jews.

  2. Depending on your community, there’s a possibility that only children born by a Jewish mother will be recognized as Jewish from birth. If you are a woman who is interested in dating a Jewish man, keep in mind that you’ll might have to convert to Judaism and that will take some time. It is a life changing process with a lot of studying and learning about the Jewish traditions, religion and rules. Not only are you converting to the religion, you are becoming part of the Jewish people, culture and history.

  3. Speaking of it, culture, history and heritage are important aspects of the Jewish identity and self-conception. Educate yourself and get an overview about the culture before you start seriously dating a Jewish person. There is so much more to know about Judaism than Chanuka, the kippa and chuppah.

  4. Life goals and education are essential. Be prepared to answer questions about your future plans and career goals. Although orthodox Jews are usually studying the Torah as a full-time profession, conservative Jews tend to be very focused on a good career. A widespread saying is that the mind should lead the heart and not otherwise. It implies that the soulmate should be chosen wisely. Therefore, financial stability and a certain degree of education are often influential factors in the Hebrew partner choice.
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The best Jewish dating sites – Your Shadchen in modern times

Traditional dating develops more and more into online dating and Australia-based Jewish dating apps are booming. No wonder, as Jewish communities are confronted with new challenges and obstacles. Globalization is not only connecting communities and cultures, but also brings cultural clashes with it.

With political and societal changes, the Jewish diaspora in Australia might encounters obstacles to openly celebrate and meet in some areas. Dating apps and sites provide a remedy and match Jews from the same neighbourhood or around the world without any inconveniences.

How to find the best Jewish dating website?

Regular dating apps may not suite the pursuit of a faithful Hebrew partner. Most online dating services are not focused on religion and if they are, Jewish search options may not always be an option. It’s almost an obligation to use Hebrew matchmaking services to successfully meet and flirt with Jewish singles.

Online dating services for Hebrews are growing and so is the demand for dates within the Jewish community. To choose the best dating app for your needs, you will have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What standing does religion have in your daily life? If you are practicing orthodox Judaism, you may want to use a traditionally tailored Jewish dating website for matchmaking where you are also more likely to find Jewish singles over 50.
    For the liberal and open-minded kind, it might be worth to try easy going Jewish dating apps that usually provide a broader member base of younger people and might also be more open towards faithful LGBTQ+ Jews.

  • How committed are you to marrying and settling down? Do you want the whole package or are you experimenting and want to enjoy no-strings attached, laid-back dating? If you are new to the dating world, you should try out different dating services within your faith and get an impression of the Hebrew online dating world first.

  • Is the app or site I’m using seriously committed to bring Jews together? Check out our reviews and try to get an overview about the different dating services. You can inform yourself about the backgrounds and founders of Jewish dating sites for a better understanding of their motivation to bring Hebrews together.

Humour is essential in Jewish dating

Jews tend to have an incredibly smart sense of humour and appreciate a hilarious and well-thought through story with a nice twist. Clever, humorous stories, packed with wisdom and life hacks, take up a big part in Hebrew culture and that has not sprung from nowhere.

It is often explained as a coping mechanism developed while dealing with hardships and being confronted with hostility throughout history, following the motto “If you laugh, it hurts less”.
In the 80s, the vast majority of American stand-up comedians were from Jewish heritage.

Siman Tov U’Mazel Tov!

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