Halal Dating Sites & Apps to meet Muslim Singles

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Although the virtues of family and Allah are the most important for you, for some people of the general public, the islamic belief is still connected to narrow-minded stereotypes. Therefore, you could have difficulties finding a new partner on a regular dating app like Tinder.

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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles
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Looking for Similar Sites?

You might have been confronted with misunderstanding before and now you’re searching for a way to find love without being disappointed again. You want to meet a special person who shares your faith would be the ideal, but where do you find them?

If you want to date within your religious community, you don’t just have to rely on serendipity. The chances are high that there’s an app or website out there that ticks all the right boxes for you.
You’ll find sites that exclusively cater to single Muslims and to those looking for Nikah.

It may be that you are divorced and looking for a new romantic connection, or you’re even already planning your Islamic wedding and just need the right wife.
The 21st century has created endless situations in which you can find yourself single. A Muslim dating website offers a modern approach towards Islam and halal dating.

The best Muslim Dating Apps


Muslima logo

Muslima is most popular amongst male and female singles between 25 and 40. However, there are also several divorcees looking for a partner.

You can register via email or your Facebook account. On your profile, you can upload up to 5 photos of yourself. Additionally, you’ll find that other users’ profiles are very detailed.

There’s even a mobile app you can use if you prefer to find your date with the help of your smartphone.

The prices for Muslima’s premium membership start at 34.99$ for one month and decrease if you decide to subscribe for 3 or 12 months in advance. Although you can enjoy the basic services of the app for free, starting a conversation is limited to premium members.


Shaadi logo

Shaadi is the go-to matrimonial service in case you’re searching for Islamic marriage matchmaking. To guarantee you success, you can hire one of Shaadi’s relationship advisors to assist you.

Since their staff is very aware of Islam’s traditions, family values and conventions, you can be assured that none of their services will be haram.

On ShaadiTV and ShaadiLive, the staff regularly posts videos and blog articles, so you’ll never feel lost on their platform.

You can’t initiate a chat if you’re a free user. But contemplating upgrading your subscription is a nice idea nevertheless since what you get (e.g. access to the contact details of other users, or assistance of one of Shaadi’s advisors) is definitely worth the price.

Single Muslim

Single muslim logo

Since over 20 years Single Muslim is helping men and women to find marriage and love. More than 2.5 million users have already registered on the website and you can engage in a very active community.

It could be important to you to get your family’s opinion on a potential husband or wife. On SingleMuslim your parents or other family members can get involved and they can even create a profile for you.

Your page will get a star-rating based on its completeness. Hence, you should state as much about your personality and lifestyle as necessary to get the highest possible number of stars. 


Love habibi logo

With LoveHabibi’s easy and simple user interface it’s quick and easy to find arab and muslim single Aussies from your area. Just connect your Facebook account or sign up manually with your email address and you’re ready to go and find your future husband or muslima wife.

To get in touch with other members, you can send a “wink”. If you receive one or a few winks back in return, you should consider to switch from your free membership to a premium subscription to enable the instant messaging function.

Since LoveHabibi is a place exclusively for singles of the same religious background, you’ll have a safe space to get to know others who share the same virtues as you do.


Halal dating sites & apps to meet muslim singles

eHarmony is one of the more generalist dating services from our list. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for muslim men and women. Online you can read numerous success stories of couples who’ve found their life partner on the site.

Their matching method is focused on compatibility which is why spirituality is also a factor they consider. In the quiz you’re going to fill out in the beginning, you can state your views on sexual intercourse before marriage, for example.

eHarmony is also perfect for those who desire to meet someone outside of your religious and social circle. If the curiosity about the dating conventions of Western culture sparks inside of you, you should definitely give it a try.

Muslim couple met by muslim dating online

How do you choose the right Islamic dating site?

You’re certainly eager to get started right away. But here are some factors you should consider before ultimately deciding for one service.

An app for all or a site exclusive for Islamic users?

There are sites that cater to those who are proud of their culture and heritage but are less-traditional in their approach to dating. You can still have a profound relationship with God and the Quran but be more flexible in their views on engagement and Nikah.

Those who follow this path can use less-specific sites and apps to find like-minded matches from within their faith, like Tinder or Match. Is jealousy a topic for you in the early stages of relationships?
On these sites, your date will probably also chat to others. If that’s a problem, lean towards a rather exclusive service.

The key question is: How flexible are you in your religious practices? What kind of differences between you and your date are you ready to tolerate?
If you are a firm believer in the Quran and the teachings of Islam, then you might want to consider looking for an app or site that follows the ideas of halal dating.

How much freedom do you want?

Some websites have taken the stance of adding extra privacy settings to profiles, such as allowing users to keep their pictures hidden until there is some movement towards a serious relationship.

Others require a wali to be present during chat sessions, to support the idea of halal dating and family involvement.

Are your family’s opinions important to you?
Many younger Muslims can be secretive about dating, hiding the fact from their family. Unfortunately, this can promote more problems than it solves.
Australian Muslim marriage sites in particular allow your family to be involved, so that they can act as your wali, even in online exchanges.

What does your purse say?

Try the free subscription of several sites first to find out which one you like the most. While certain services, such as private messaging, might be restricted, it’s a good way to see whether using a dating app or website is right for you.

Depending on how much money you’re ready to spend, you can enjoy a more luxurious service with extra features, such as access to complete members profiles and unlimited messages, if you pay a monthly membership fee.

Sometimes the premium service is auto-renewing. This means that, unless you cancel yours, you’ll be charged automatically for every new month.

Check out this page for tips & guides on Muslim dating!

The benefits and downsides to using Muslim Dating Services


  • Online chaperones ensure that your experience stays halal
  • Matrimony options
  • Multicultural users from all over the world
  • Strong & supportive communities
  • For all muslims regardless of their commitment to Islam’s conventions


  • If you decide to try your luck on a rather ordinary dating app, you will sometimes feel judged.
  • It might take some time until you’ve found someone of the same faith-level as yours
  • You have to be careful not to flirt with a scammer

What you need to successfully date on Islamic Apps

Agree with your date on dos and don’ts
Even if you’re more liberal in your beliefs, you should have a frank conversation about what’s off the table and what you expect.

Topics like Islamic dietary laws & cooking, celebrating Ramadan, the hijab, prayers or even masculinity and what makes a good wife play a significant role in your relationship. You’ll quickly know if your lifestyles match or not.

Stick to the rules

Flirting can be something of a challenge, both online and off. In some circles, especially if you met through a matchmaker for marriage, Muslim women are not allowed to flirt.
However, this can also make things a lot simpler as, when a muslima likes you, she’ll tell you. With no room for games, you’ll know exactly where you stand.

When dating a match whose religious beliefs are traditional, you might find that you are expected to conduct yourself in the same way as a practising Muslim. This may mean that you will find your dates chaperoned and premarital sex won’t even be a consideration.

You may also find that, in order to respect your match’s faith, you might have to call upon members of your family to act as chaperones.

This is so that the families get to know the person to whom their son or daughter is going to enter into marriage. It may also be that the families’ religious beliefs go as far as to forbid the couple living together, before marriage.

Happy modern muslim couple

Seek advice if you need to

Using a Muslim dating site or app doesn’t have to compromise your religious beliefs or your connection to your god Allah or the tenets of Islam. If you’re in any doubt, talk to your family or your Imam and seek their advice.

However, halal dating is a great way to exercise a little more influence in the type of person you want to be with. While marriage might not be guaranteed, as long as you respect your traditions and culture, it needn’t be a bad thing.

Interfaith Relationships & Respect
Dating someone with differing or strong religious beliefs can be challenging. However, if you are prepared to ask questions, learn and be honest, there’s no reason for an interfaith relationship not to work.

Despite this, it’s always important to respect someone else’s faith, whether you subscribe to it or not. You can ask what your match might expect from you on a date. Not only does this show an open mind, but it also shows that you are more interested in a committed romance than anything else.

An authentic profile

Setting up a charming profile page is not that hard. Ask someone to take a nice picture of you, share as many details about your interests and personality as you like, not too many and not too few.

Ideally, your profile should radiate natural charisma and tell all other visitors what you’re looking for.

Why does online dating work so well for Muslims and Muslimas?

The best sites are run by members of Islam or, at the very least, experts who have a good understanding of the community’s religious beliefs. In Muslimic circles, this kind of dating is therefore considered ‘halal’ as it follows all the strictures of traditional courtship.

Halal dating through a website or app embraces all the aspects of courtship that are permitted within your community. A wali is still used to ensure that all aspects of propriety are fully observed and there is no temptation towards premarital sex.

All of this makes dating a woman or finding a potential husband heaps easier. Matrimonial services lead you straight to engagement or marriage if that’s your end goal.

Whether you have strong religious beliefs or have a more liberal or Westernized view of the Muslim culture, using a Muslim dating app or website can be an exciting and enriching way to find the right person with which to enjoy a committed relationship.

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