RSVP vs eharmony compared: Which Dating App is Best in 2023?

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Finding the dating app that works best for you can improve your chances of meeting the right person. RSVP and eharmony are both popular apps in the online dating world. Find out which one is best suited to your dating needs. See how features and prices compare between the two dating apps.

Picking the right dating app: RSVP vs eharmony

The right dating app for you will be the one that most closely matches your romantic preferences, including the type of relationship, intimacy needs, as well as lifestyle goals. Dating apps are a bit like hot sauces, everyone has a favourite. That could well be RSVP, eharmony, or something else.

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RSVP vs eharmony: where are they different? 

Here are the most important differences between RSVP vs eharmony.

Who is it for?Singles primarily looking for serious dating in Australia.Singles looking for committed relationships and even marriage.
Registration detailsQuick registration process with an email address.In-depth registration process focussed on building a compatibility profile. SMS profile verification.
Memberships and profiles4 million users have profiles on RSVP. There are 30,000 daily logins on the app.10 million users have profiles on eharmony.
Premium ServiceSign up is free but you need to pay to start a conversationSign up is free but most features like messaging or viewing photos require paid membership.
ProsRSVP works closely with Australian law enforcement and police to make the dating site safe.Advanced matchmaking technology means you get curated profiles based on compatibility.
ConsLow review score on the app store.It’s more expensive than RSVP.

How is RSVP better than eharmony?

RSVP is a dating app that was developed in Australia and remains under Australian ownership. This means that it caters specifically to Australian singles. Another advantage RSVP has is longevity, having been around for 20 years.

The RSVP dating app has a clear design, putting all the information you need at your fingertips. You can conveniently browse through profile cards that highlight the main profile picture along with a compatibility score and how far away the person is. 

Rsvp vs eharmony screenshots

Unlike eharmony which requires an expensive subscription, RSVP allows you to pay-as-you-go with in-app purchases, called Stamps, that allow you to start a conversation when you like someone. You only need to use 1 Stamp per conversation as opposed to paying for each message sent.

How is eharmony better than RSVP?

Unlike RSVP, eharmony collects as much information as it can to provide the most compatible matches. The way that eharmony is able to collect this data is through a detailed personality questionnaire. This helps its advanced matchmaking technology not only match users effectively but also show how two profiles are compatible with incredible detail.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, then eharmony is the best option as long as you are willing to spend money on online dating. Your experience on eharmony starts with a dating personality quiz. This is an opportunity to reflect on your relationship goals and the sort of person you want to be with. 

Rsvp vs eharmony screenshot comparison

Since eharmony’s matchmaking technology does the heavy lifting when it comes to finding compatible profiles, the rest of the app is user-friendly in terms of design and layout. When you look at someone’s profile on eharmony, you will have a compatibility score embedded on the top left corner of their profile picture. 

What is breathtaking is the detail that eharmony provides when it comes to compatibility. On eharmony, you can drill down and see what areas you have in common and where you differ. This includes core values and traits like communication, lifestyle, and emotional intelligence.

Did you know?

  • Over 2 million messages are sent on eharmony every week.
  • There are almost equal numbers of men (51%) and women (49%) on eharmony.
  • Over 95% of users have chatted with someone else on eharmony.

RSVP vs eharmony: which one is cheaper?

RSVP is clearly cheaper than eharmony. Even if you were to pay for a two year subscription upfront on eharmony, the monthly rate is still more expensive than the month-to-month rate on RSVP. Let’s take a look at how the different monthly rates compare across the two dating apps.

RSVP Planseharmony Premium
1 monthA$56 per monthn/a
3 monthsA$45 per monthn/a
6 monthsA$30 per monthA$92.51 per month
12 monthsn/aA$64.44 per month
24 monthsn/aA$50.40 per month

Be aware that you need to pay the total amount upfront for any subscription that is longer than 1 month for both RSVP and eharmony. Don’t forget that these subscriptions automatically renew once they elapse. You must cancel them at least one full day before their end date.

Free vs paid features: how do these apps stack up?

RSVP vs eharmony bring different approaches to their dating app services. Let’s take a closer look at what each one offers to its free and premium users.

RSVP features: free vs paid options

Check out all the RSVP dating features and compare the free and paid versions side-by-side.

RSVP free featuresRSVP paid subscription features
✅ Create a profile✅ Create a profile
✅ Send winks✅ Send winks
✅ Receive messages and reply to them✅ Receive messages and reply to them
✅ Buy “stamps” (in-app purchases) to start conversations without needing a subscription✅ Start 4 conversations as part of your subscription
✅ Appear on top of searches
✅ Read receipts
✅ Priority customer support
✅ Ad-free browsing on RSVP app
✅ Personality report

RSVP requires you to pay to start chatting with other users on the dating app. Unlike eharmony, RSVP allows you to buy one-off in-app purchases to start a conversation. This means that you don’t have to commit to a subscription plan.

Unlike other dating apps, like Australian Locals, you don’t have to pay for every message you send on RSVP. You only pay to open up the conversation. However, if you do go for an RSVP premium subscription you get 4 “stamps” per month. This means you can start four conversations as part of your subscription every month. Once you use up the four complimentary stamps, you can buy more as in-app purchases.

eharmony features: free vs paid options

Check out all the eharmony features and compare the free and paid versions side-by-side.

eharmony free featureseharmony premium features
✅ Create a profile✅ Create a profile
✅ Unlimited matches✅ Unlimited matches
✅ Send Smiles, Icebreakers, and Greetings✅ Send Smiles, Icebreakers, and Greetings
✅ Limited messaging✅ Unlimited messaging
✅ Video Date chat feature
✅ View unlimited photos
✅ See who has visited you
✅ Access to distance search filter
✅ Detailed personality profile results

It’s clear that to get even just the bare minimum out of eharmony you need to pay for the service. The free version lets you create a profile and send reactions to other users but, beyond that, communication is heavily limited to occasional promotional weekends where sending messages is free. 

To have meaningful conversations with your eharmony matches a paid account is required. When you pay for eharmony, you also get access to video chat features as well as being able to see who has viewed your profile.

Which dating app is better for you? RSVP vs eharmony

See what the pros and cons of RSVP vs eharmony are, so you can decide which app is better for you.

RSVP pros and cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the RSVP dating app.

✅ Homegrown Australian dating app.❌ You may have to buy tokens to start conversations even when you pay a monthly subscription.
✅ Online safety is a priority on RSVP.❌ 2.6 out of 5 score on Australian Apple App Store.
✅ Clear layout and app design.

eharmony pros and cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the eharmony dating app.

✅ Advanced matchmaking technology.❌ Expensive when compared with competition.
✅ User base is primarily looking for serious relationships. ❌ Only aimed at singles looking for committed  relationships.
✅ Clear layout and app design.

RSVP vs eharmony: final thoughts

Both RSVP and eharmony are solid options for dating online. Both companies have been in operation for decades. What differs between them is that RSVP is made in Australia and eharmony in the US. Additionally, eharmony is much more focussed on committed relationships. 

While RSVP is also suited to singles looking for serious dating, it’s less prescriptive about it. As long as you are looking for a meaningful connection, RSVP has the features to help you find it. 

Both dating apps are established and have good reputations. If you’re undecided, why not have a look at both before deciding which one to pay for?

RSVP vs eharmony FAQ

You can find answers to common RSVP vs eharmony questions below.

Is RSVP better than eharmony?

RSVP is better if you enjoy browsing through profiles or want a pay-as-you-go dating app, where you only pay if you want to start a conversation. eharmony is better if you want to invest in your love life, and value compatibility and advanced matchmaking features to find that special someone.

Is eharmony legit?

eharmony is definitely a legitimate dating app. The founder of eharmony is a Christian clinical psychologist who wanted to develop an online dating solution based on compatibility first and foremost.

Which dating app will help me get married, RSVP vs eharmony?

Both apps can help you get married, but eharmony is more likely to help you tie the knot because of its focus on compatibility and matchmaking. That doesn’t mean you can’t find the love of your life on RSVP.

Which is cheaper: RSVP vs eharmony?

RSVP is clearly cheaper than eharmony. However, if you are looking for a dating app that recommends profiles based on advanced matchmaking and compatibility technology then eharmony is the top option.

Which dating is best for Christian dating: RSVP vs eharmony?

It’s important to clear up that RSVP and eharmony are not dedicated Christian dating apps like Christian Mingle. However, since eharmony focusses on serious and committed relationships, many Christians are drawn to it to find a faithful husband or wife. Its enhanced matchmaking and compatibility features make it a great option to find a Christian partner.

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