Our Manhunt Review

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Our manhunt review

Manhunt is a gay dating site that focuses on providing gay dating services, one-time affairs, and casual encounters. More than 6 million users around the world enjoy Manhunt’s best features, giving you a great head start for finding a gay hookup near you!

Alternatives to Manhunt

Manhunt has undergone a lot of changes since its origins as a telephone dating service in 2001, finding its way to the net and expanding on its best gay chat features to become a fully-fledged explicit gay dating service.

The site gives users from around the world access to local gay men via their easy to use app and a website that understands what its audience is interested in. Upgrading to the membership will also net you a lot more access, including their 1-to-1 video service!

You should know that the site contains quite a bit of pornography, but If you are okay with looking at explicit content from the get-go then this is the niche gay dating site for you!

Whether you want to date or just want to match and meet singles for some fun, Manhunt has a lot to offer you. To show you why we think ManHunt is worth a shot, we review ManHunt.net and look at its members, user-friendliness of the site and the ManHunt mobile app, and its prices.

Our Manhunt Review

Dating through Manhunt is perhaps best left to casual dating, as the site makes it very clear from the moment you register that this is intended for hookups and one-time flings. If you are looking for this kind of gay dating experience, then Manhunt has a lot to offer you. The site gives you plenty of ways to search for and contact other members. Members who do search for serious dating can find ways to make contact, but most matches will be casual in nature.

That said, there are many things to like about the site. Although some of its best qualities are left to premium members, anyone with a free account can easily have a casual dating experience by just utilizing the basic features already available. There are a noticeable number of ads that can distract on the site, but these can be ignored.

Reviews from other sites may comment on the lack of subtlety Manhunt uses, but we feel that if you know what you are getting into ahead of time then sites like this one will give you everything you could want. To review, Manhunt.net provides great accessibility for gay casual dating and can open you up to a broad community both locally and worldwide.

🆓 Free profiles vs paid profiles

Manhunt offers an abundance of casual gay encounters for both the free and paid users, but there are some noticeable differences. How do the paid and free ManHunt dating experiences measure up?

Free membership review

  • View who is online
  • Check conversations that you have had
  • Message up to 50 men a day
  • Check out member videos, favourite videos, and upload your own
  • Limited Video chat
  • Lists used for tracking matches and buddies
  • Match with others
  • Access to the Manhunt message board
  • Multiple Search fields

Paid membership review

  • Unlimited access to chat with hot gay men
  • Unlimited 1-to-1 gay video chat
  • Unlimited access to member gay videos
  • Unlimited access to gay porn videos
  • Unlimited full profile views
  • Unlimited full-size gay pics
  • Unlimited Conversations
  • Unlimited ‘Buddies & Blocks’
  • Unsend unread messages
  • Complete conversation history
  • Additional photo editing tools
  • Banner ad-free experience

💰 Types of paid membership

There are technically two different kinds of dating premium plans that you can have on Manhunt. These are both paid premium plans, differing only in that one will automatically renew your subscription and the other will not.

All prices are in USD. You can read their terms and privacy policy to see more information.

Premium plans that auto-renew and auto-resign

Premium (auto-renew)Premium (auto-resign)
7-day $7.00 $8.00
30-days $12.00 (saves 60%)$14.00 (saves 59%)
90-days $30.00 (saves 67%) $35.00 (saves 66%)
180-days $55.00 (saves 69%) $65.00 (saves 68%)
365-days $99.00 (saves 73%) $124.00 (saves 70%)

💡 How to reduce costs?

Take advantage of the free membership

Manhunt gives all its users a sizeable number of tools to utilize when using the site, many of which are available as well to free members. This is more flexibility than on other gay casual dating sites!

If you have verified your email address, you can begin chatting with gay men right away, even using their search features.

There are many free singles looking to match and start dating, so check out the boards, the profiles and photos of users freely available, and even some of the video services.

Try the non-renewing 7-day premium plan

For an affordable $8.00 you can get the full VIP experience and use the site’s best services for one full week. You won’t have to worry about cancelling either, and can truly see if the premium membership is something you would like to upgrade to for longer.

📊 Membership structure

How many ManHunt users in Australia?

Manhunt has almost 400,000 users across Australia, giving men looking for gay casual dating experiences via the net a world of opportunity! Almost 80% of users are looking for no-strings-attached sex.

ManHunt’s demographics of love

A review of Manhunt.net’s demographics by age range quite broadly from 18+ to the over 50 crowd. That means that Manhunt caters well to gay Australian men of all ages!

✍️ Registration process and profile creation review

The registration process is quick and easy to do. You don’t even need to fill in your profile before you start. This means that you can finish your profile later if you would like.

  1. Signing up

    Put in a valid username, email address, password, and your age. You will be asked to allow Manhunt to check your location, but you can manually do this in if you prefer.

  2. Uploading your picture

    Before you can start your casual gay encounters, you will need to select a profile picture. You can only select one for now, but you can upload an additional 15 photos later.

  3. Building Your profile

    Although you can already start to browse other gay men’s profiles and chat, you will have more success if you go to your own information first.
    This includes writing a headline and short description about yourself, your location, measurements for your height, build, and more, hair and eye colour, HIV status, and what kind of kinks you are into.

  4. Upload photographs

    After you have finished filling out your information you can then look through photos you would like to add. You can add up to 16 in total, so you have more than enough to work with!

  5. Enjoy!

    You’re all set to go! Feel free to start a gay chat with some of the gay men profiles you will see on the site or check out the video service Manhunt offers. There’s a lot to choose from!

📱 User friendliness

Dating site


People who are new to dating sites like Manhunt may be surprised at how easy it is to register, but Manhunt’s intention is to make your experience as smooth as possible.

It’s a quick 1 minute to fill out the necessary info to get started with browsing whether you are on mobile or the website, making this a very user-friendly registration process.


Manhunt immediately allows new users to browse photos from other people, giving you access to date and meet with others the moment you have registered. There are a lot of features focused on casual dating that you can use right away located at the top of the screen.

Everything is just a click away and getting to read and send messages and watch videos takes no time at all, giving you a seamless experience as you go through the site.


Manhunt gives you freedom for not only when you can update this, but what kind of information you can add to it.

Dating app

The Manhunt dating app gives you a simpler version of the site and functions much the same as other dating apps, making it familiar to navigate. Push notifications don’t work on the app, so you will need to manually check to see if there are new notifications.


This is much the same as the website and is very easy and fast to do.


There is more of an emphasis on browsing through profiles, which will take up more of the screen, but otherwise this works much the same.

Adjusting profile

This can be done any time and takes just a moment to do, just like the website.

✉️ Contacting users with ManHunt’s Gay Chat

Aside from the open board where anyone can read what users post, there is also an easy messaging and chat service available to all users. You can also send winks and add users to your Buddy List.

How to contact another user:

  • Click on a user
  • At the top of the profile you will see Messages, Wink, and Add Buddy to your Buddy List
  • Click on Messages
  • This will take you to a messaging screen
  • Type out your message and click ‘Send’ to begin chatting
Landing page for manhunt. Com. In the centre are two gay singles looking for casual sex. They are about to engage in sexual activitiys.

👍 Pros and cons 👎


  • Option for non-renewal premium memberships
  • Secure and safe browsing
  • Detailed health resources available
  • 6 million worldwide users
  • 80% of users are looking for no-strings-attached sex
  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone
  • Chatroom


  • Many ads on the site
  • Features that look like ads (can confuse if you are not familiar with the layout)
  • Limited features for free users
  • Push notifications don’t work

🙋 FAQs

Who owns Manhunt?

Manhunt is owned by its founders Jonathan Cruthchley and Larry Basile under the company Online Buddies, Inc.

How does Manhunt work?

After you’ve created your profile, you will be shown potential matches that are based on your preferred distance, type of guy, and other search filters you select in your profile. Start chatting and explore to see what you want to get out of the site.

How can I block someone on Manhunt?

Click on a user you would like to block
To the right of their profile image you will see their data
At the bottom you will see two options, ‘Block’ and ‘Report’
Click ‘Block’ to block the user

Is Manhunt free?

Yes, signing up and most of the basic services are free.

ℹ️ Company information

Manhunt is owned by Online Buddies, Inc. and was one of the first gay dating services when it was launched in 2001. Originally created as a telephone dating service based mostly in Boston, Manhunt transferred to the current website on the net to adapt its services.
Mail: [email protected]
10 Cabot Rd #102
MA 02155

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